Written by Kulwant Singh Boora
Bishop Paul D Mooney (Foreword)


"This writing is clear and precise. There can be no doubt that Israel believed in one God, not a three separate person triune deity. The early Apostolic church also believed that Jesus was the mighty God manifest in the flesh. The conversion of Saul of Tarsus did not change him from a strict Pharisee who believed in one God to a Christ believer who worshiped a trinity. Instead, Paul the Apostle met the Lord Jehovah on the road to Damascus and heard Jehovah clearly say, "I Am Jesus!" When we get to Heaven there will be One sitting on the throne!"

- Rev. Paul Graham Senior Pastor, St. Laurent United Pentecostal Church Montreal, Quebec, Canada


"Mr. Boora and I go back over twenty years of friendship, knowing him personally gives me the understanding of his preciseness in developing and researching his books. After reading his work the reader cannot refute what he has found, he finds diamonds that have been covered for many years that are undeniable truths. His intent is not to debate with those who cannot see this, it is to reveal what has been hidden, it is near revelatory as the reader follows the path of research to begin a clarity of understanding that many have never had before. Thank you Kulwant for the nights and early hours you put in to bring this truth to the readers on the Apostolic doctrine."

- Rev. John Hemus Senior Pastor, The Apostolic Church of Liverpool U.K. Missions, District Superintendent (UPC GB&I) England, United Kingdom


The Pharisee Saul of Tarsus (Apostle Paul) Baptism in the Name of Jesus

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    204 pages

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