Written by R.H. Johnson


An in-depth look into the idolatry of jewelry and its satanic reputation. Pastor Johnson has revealed the deception behind jeweled ornamentation and brought to light a deeper understanding of the biblical prohibitions against it. The following excerpts about jewelry will come as no surprise to those who have always suspected but never really knew.


"Jeweled ornamentation is a link, a bridge, a superhighway, between Lucifer and the flesh."


"Idolatry, the god of the flesh, which is created by man, finds visible expression through jeweled ornamentation."


"All 'forms' of religion, presuppositional beliefs, Pharisaism, self-justification, pride, and lusts of the flesh, are paraded through the wearing of jewelry."


"Jewelry is a host to demons and a medium through which demonic spirits operate."


"Abstaining from the use of jeweled ornamentation goes far beyond the punitive debating of the essentiality of holiness for the body and whether or not scripture requires it. Jewelry is a medium whereby the adversary keeps the unsuspecting individual connected to the spiritual underworld."


The Sin Of Silent Idolatry

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