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Reaching the lost through Pentecost


We have a local and global vision for preaching the whole gospel to the whole world. Our aim is to live by, preach and teach the gospel of Jesus Christ, to reach men and women of all ages and all races sharing with them the experience a New Birth and New Life in Christ, John 3:3-5. Our Vision is to reach the lost, the hurt, and broken through the teaching and manifestation of the plan of redemption found in Acts 2:38.

We will do this through teaching, mentorship and building strong relationships as we develop disciples for the Lord Jesus Christ.


Pastor Enrique Castaneda Jr, Senior Pastor of World Harvest Pentecostal Church since January 2022.

Pastor Enrique began serving at World Harvest Pentecostal Church in October of 2004. Through his time at WHPC he has served in numerous capacities including Spanish Ministry Pastor, Worship Leader, Music director, Young Adult Ministry leader as well as any other helping ministry. Under the direction and leadership of Pastor Keith Walker, Founder of World Harvest Pentecostal Church, he served as an interpreter and armor-bearer throughout the years in local ministry events and beyond the U.S. borders.

Prior to his commencement of pastorship at WHPC, Pastor Enrique Castaneda Jr had been serving and ministering since his young teenage years. He was brought up in church and his mother Lupe Castaneda and father Enrique Castaneda sr, always ensured his involvement in ministry. Among his many endeavors, he has served as a Youth Leader, held a brief pastoral position at the age of 23, and has always been involved in leading worship. Pastor Enrique Castaneda Jr was married in 2002 to Diana Castaneda, who shares with him a passion to demonstrate the love of Jesus to those that have an ear to hear.

Diana and Enrique have continually worked together in areas of ministry along with their 4 children, Aimee, Enrique, Maya, and Alondra.

Pastor Enrique has a love for God and has a passion to share the good news wherever he goes and with whomever, he meets. He has a special passion to help at-risk youth and has mentored countless individuals.

He has a dedication to reading and understanding the Bible and hopes to share that with others. Through the leading of worship, he hopes to create an environment where the Holy Ghost can have His way and worshipers can be free to worship. Through his messages, he hopes to challenge those that will, to yield to the Word of God, and reach lost souls to receive salvation through Jesus Christ.

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